CMTC-OVM US is a Global Organization with Headquarters in Ohio, USA

2014 Dutch Member Meeting Report

The 2014 Dutch member meeting was held on Saturday, November 15 in Leusden, NL. Representing the CMTC-OVM US organization was your president, Becky Gallis, her sons Andy and Jamey, and granddaughter Ellayna. Becky gave an in depth presentation outlining the US organization, including;

  • Introduction of the board of directors
  • The organizations mission and goals
  • Defined how the US organization is a separate entity
  • Description of the organization’s only funding being through members, donors, and fundraising
  • The necessity of moving the annual conference each year to accommodate our members
  • The US organization’s involvement in other advocacy conferences
  • The building of a new website, and continuation of collaboration with the Dutch – International Organization
  • Why the Gallis’ do what they do; Ellayna’s journey from birth to now

It was nice to visit with Dutch friends whom they have met over the years. The Gallis’ were honored to represent the US organization, and look forward to returning in 2015.

Of course, they could not make this journey without visiting some favorite sites that have become rather special to them. Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Maastricht, and Heerhugowaard were as beautiful as ever.  Once again, the family visited the Ava Maria Cathedral in Maastricht, to light a candle in memory of their beloved husband and father.

On Monday, November 24, the Gallis Gang said farewell, but will return again!