Lights of Hope

July 6th has been set as the Global CMTC-OVM US Day of Awareness. Lights of Hope is to signify awareness of vascular/capillary malformations such as CMTC. We plan to hold an annual event with members and friends across the USA and around the world, to build awareness of these rare diseases.

Here is what we ask of you: If you do not know where to purchase a sky lantern – Visit AmazonSmile, select CMTC-OVM US as your non-profit organization, search for a lantern you like, and purchase your sky lantern. On a weather permitting evening within the week including July 6th, invite family and friends to a safe location and launch your lantern(s) to show awareness.

Concerned about the safety of a sky lantern? No problem, you can still participate. There are also lanterns available that float on the water that can also be found on Amazon. Click here to order a water lantern. Some other options include: sparklers, flashlights for flashlight-tag, glow sticks. Anything that creates light can be used.

Next, post a video of your event on Facebook for everyone to enjoy, and spread awareness even further! Have FUN and be safe. We cannot wait to see your videos!!