CMTC-OVM US is a Global Organization with Headquarters in Ohio, USA


Rebecca Gallis RN

Independent Private Duty Nurse

Becky’s aspirations for this organization began with the birth of her granddaughter Ellayna, and was stimulated by her devoted husband, Rev. Dr. Edward Gallis, CMTC-OVM US past president.  Following a trip to the Netherlands where they received a diagnosis in 2007, they began attending annual meetings in the USA before the organization was formally created.  Ed actively ministered to new parents and patients via internet, becoming known to many as “Grandpa Ed.”  In the past, they held multiple positions on administrative boards for various not-for-profit organizations, as well as privately and jointly owning three successful businesses.

The week before Ed passed away in 2012, he requested the board transfer the presidency onto his wife.  As a registered nurse, Becky has had the opportunity to assist parents/patients with the understanding and interpretation of medical terminology regarding their individual case.  She is currently a private-duty nurse for her granddaughter, providing daily care of her complex diagnoses.  In honor of her husbands love and commitment for the members of this organization, Ed and Becky’s two sons have created a memorial scholarship, to assist one family with expenses to attend the annual conference.

In view of the future for the CMTC-OVM US organization, Becky would like to see the organization grow as a family, while becoming more knowledgeable and empowered with the skills to meet the needs of our members.