CMTC-OVM US is a Global Organization with Headquarters in Ohio, USA

Memorial Scholarship

Rev. Dr. Edward Gallis Memorial Scholarship

     July 6, 1957 – March 22, 2012

 In Loving Memory:

This scholarship is in memory of our past president who many knew as “Grandpa  Ed.”  For many, he was a saving grace who introduced them to an organization founded on serving others. He adored their children, and strived to be a diligent advocate. The scholarship, fully funded by his family, will provide financial assistance  for one family to attend the annual conference.






Scholarship recipient will be notified June 15, 2018.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must live more than 250 miles from conference location.
  2. Must be first time to attend conference.
  3. Must be registered for conference.
  4. Must be a member in good-standing.

Scholarship Summary:

  1. 2 nights in conference hotel.
  2. $150.00 for miscellaneous travel expenses.
  3. Special gift for your patient.

Recipient is responsible for making hotel reservations. Scholarship funds will be dispersed upon arrival at the conference hotel.

Gallis family has the right to increase/decrease the amount, determine eligibility requirements, determine scholarship summary, and discontinue this scholarship. Distribution of funds will be completed at the conference. Scholarship criteria will be reviewed annually and members will be provided any adjusted information prior to submitting an application.